Aug 12, 2022 Shopping

All About Women Perfumes

In general, scents could enhance our well-being by improving mood, reducing anxiety and stress, increasing cognitive functions, etc. But let’s take a deeper into some unconventional uses of womens Perfumes.

The correct way to wear perfume- 

Wearing a perfume in the right way is important as it helps you build perfume longevity and projection. Some of the things you want to keep in mind while applying a perfume are-

  • Choosing the right scent- finding a scent that makes you feel lively and confident is essential. I prefer a livelier and lite scent for day outs and stronger and denser notes for night time events.
  • Ideal way of spraying- perfumes works best with body heat therefore its best if you apply it to these areas; top and behind the ears, around the neck, on your back, chest and inside your elbows.
  • Things you want to avoid- usually people rub the liquid after spraying it on their wrists, which should not be done. Instead, you can dab your wrists together. Try keeping your perfume away from your accessories and clothes as it may damage them. Don’t spray it from very close, keep a distance of 6-8 inches from the place of application.


It can be concluded that finding your right scent is essential but knowing the notes will help you find “Your Perfume” and wearing it appropriately will be making the best use of it. But are perfumes only used to smell good and feel fresh? To our surprise, the answer is NO!